Retire, Senator John McCain.

As somebody privately noted to me: Janet Napolitano is undoubtedly resigning from DHS in order to have a clear run for McCain’s Senate seat.  And I for one am opposed to John McCain remaining a Senator past this term.  Not enough to simply let Napolitano have the seat; but there are people out there who are much less loyal to the GOP than I am, and many of them live in Arizona.

John McCain will be 80 in 2016.  His health has not been good for pretty much my entire lifespan*.  It is time for him to retire.

Moe Lane

*For entirely honorable reasons; the man is a torture survivor.

5 thoughts on “Retire, Senator John McCain.”

  1. I think that we are safe from Napolitano running for McCain’s seat. Supposedly, she is taking over the University of California system; presumably to make it a branch of Patrice Lumumba University. Hard to run for an Arizona seat when you are a California resident. Unless there is some sort of special “Democrats Only” waiver.

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