*Personally,* today was six kinds of horrible…

…and I’m tired of fighting it.  I am putting up a music video and then I will clean the children’s hand prints* off of the walls and then I will find all the dishes and then I will go to bed.

Moe Lane

*You do not want to know what they used to make the hand prints.  Although if you are a parent, you don’t have to guess.

6 thoughts on “*Personally,* today was six kinds of horrible…”

  1. Oh, no, let me guess….the contents of a diaper? by any chance? Just working on the presumed age and known gender of your precious little ones…..lol
    Good luck, and share some adult beverage with your wife when you’re done cleaning 🙂

  2. Could have been worse than diaper contents, at least there aren’t any structural damages, but then they’re still little. Trust me it Can get worse.

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