Hamtramck City Council candidate suggests innovative “Walled City” approach to handling Detroit.

Mind you, they’re not going to do this.


Prosperous suburbs surrounding Detroit — and even the struggling enclaves within — are working to distance themselves from a city in financial ruin.

In Hamtramck, one City Council candidate is taking that idea to the extreme.

Richard Fabiszak has proposed that Hamtramck build a 12 or 14-foot wall around the city, keeping out Detroiters, and requiring state-issued identification to get in.

Via Instapundit.  The candidate can be uncharitably, yet in my opinion accurately, described as ‘fringe:’ and things are not that bad in Detroit.  Again, yet. However, there’s a reason why walled cities and towns were common during the Medieval era, and it’s this: fortifications work. Mind you, the proposed Hamtramck Wall wouldn’t stop artillery and/or armored cav; but against individuals with light weaponry and no air support it’d do just fine.  If Detroit gets worse, this solution may end up looking better.

Still, hell of a thing when things have gotten this bad.

9 thoughts on “Hamtramck City Council candidate suggests innovative “Walled City” approach to handling Detroit.”

  1. This cat wonders if the councilman would have gotten further – possibly even federal funding – by calling it a “flood control” issue…

    1. Or a turtle fence. Yes, on this side of MI, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a fence along the highway to keep the turtles off the road. The excuse was they had to find an ” environmental” road project or loose some federal funding.

  2. Scary that what was fantasy yesterday, unserious today, may be prescient tomorrow.

  3. Personally I’m envisioning Escape From Detroit. Think we can get Kurt Russell to star?

  4. Hey Moe, when are you going to address Peter King having lost his mind?

      1. Yes you have to, the man will discredit the Natsec argument if he’s allowed to get up on stage. SOMEONE needs to stop him.

  5. The city is more and more dependent on hunting small game to stay alive. A fence would condemn those honest folks to starvation.

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