Hey, Shadowrun Returns is coming out tomorrow!

Didn’t Kickstart it, but I pre-ordered.


This will please some of my readers, I imagine.

Moe Lane

PS: Since we’re being cyber-punky:

Behold the power of a Penny Arcade link. They pretty much funded this morning because of it, I think.

PPS: Was this as awful as it looks?

3 thoughts on “Hey, Shadowrun Returns is coming out tomorrow!”

  1. I can’t say much about the SR FPS, except that I played the demo and thought it was an interesting spin on first-person shooters, if a total waste of a perfectly good setting and license.

  2. Sorry, wouldn’t know how bad the Microsoft Shadowrun was. I don’t play obligate multiplayer games (or obligate first person perspective games). But, if I remember the big stink-up, that game’s greatest sin was a complete misunderstanding of the license. The change in format could have worked, if the game reflected the license better.

    Metroid Prime (another FPS game I will never play) worked because the developers understood the Metroid license and changed the format to fit it; the Team Ninja Metroid game did not work because Team Ninja thought the license was about shooting and whining.

    New one looks cool, though.

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