NRCC planning to campaign on #obamacare.

This would be what we call in this business a hint.

Republicans are eyeing congressional swing districts President Barack Obama narrowly won last year for signs that the unpopularity of Obamacare could help them unseat House Democrats in 2014.

Polls conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee and released to POLITICO show that nearly half of voters in two swing districts Obama carried in 2012 — Minnesota’s 8th and New Hampshire’s 1st — expect the Affordable Care Act to diminish the quality of their health care.

What makes this interesting is that both of those races were not particularly close, but both have had significant churn lately and the incumbents in neither state can hope to get their 2012 numbers; for that matter, both were flipped in the Great 2010 Obamacare Shellacking.  If these seats are vulnerable – and the NRCC polling suggests that they are – then one has to wonder about the races that were particularly close in 2012. Certainly Democratic incumbents are making that calculation right now…

Moe Lane

4 thoughts on “NRCC planning to campaign on #obamacare.”

  1. Out of curiosity and since I don’t know where else to ask; How long is Instapundit expected to be down? I’ve been busy for the last week and a half, wife had health problems and was in ICU, had to remember to eat, power outage, work, etc..

  2. No! I’ve been assured many times that this law is popular and will get more and more popular as more of it comes online.

  3. NH’s 1st District has a Cook PVI of EVEN, it has a moronic Democrat incumbent/Pelosi wannabe. It was held by the GOP up until 06 and taken by the GOP in 2010 by a very large margin, but lost by a very narrow margin in 2012. Guinta is probably running again, and he’ll win, if he runs for something else it will probably be Sununu. NH 1st is the base for the NH GOP. In regards to MN 8th, Craavack is moving to NH, I don’t see anybody else winning this district, though nobody saw Craavack winning it in 2010. It has a Cook PVI of D+4. There are probably several other previously thought “safe” Democrat incumbents that are being targeted that Politico didn’t mention. Because they’re Politico.

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