If you are an *official* Republican operative, read this.

I am always happy to act as an emergency consultant for felicity of style. I can repair your grammar, tighten your prose, fix your scansion, organize your bullet points, and generally clean up your writing. And, best of all, my rates are reasonable. I insist on you paying those rates in full, and up front – no personal checks, please – but they’re reasonable.

I’m being perfectly serious, by the way.

5 thoughts on “If you are an *official* Republican operative, read this.”

  1. Who in the American political universe fouled up the written language yet again?

    Growing up, I always thought that the Ivy League prided itself on producing graduate capable of the most basic forms of communication. A decade’s worth of actual observation of what is produced has dispelled me of that notion. Sadly.

  2. And what if a reader of yours not an official Republican operative, but somebody who might still be interested in hiring the services of a prose stylist/editor for the artful making of a political point? Still available for hire, rates still reasonable? I ask because it might be relevant in the future.

    1. There should have been an “is” toward the beginning of that. See? That’s something you probably could have spotted. :::grin:::

    2. Alas, “reasonable” is being defined here in a way that takes into account a system that runs on Other People’s Money. These days, taking consultant money away from damfools who will make things worse and giving it to more benign damfools is, regrettably, a step up. 🙂

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