Long day of travel, punctuated by beer…

…and am now in New Orleans for the RedState Gathering, which is sort of a vacation and sort of… not. Expect lowered instances of posting, and the odd badly-spelled (or slurred) word in the posts that do arrive. Because vacation or no, I’m relaxing either way.

3 thoughts on “Long day of travel, punctuated by beer…”

  1. I know you are there to “work”, but if you haven’t been before, New Orleans is a great restaurant town. Eat outside the hotel as much as possible. I really liked Olivier’s. I think I ate 6 lbs of their honey cornbread. Going to an Emeril restaurant is fun. lots of cool bars in the French Quarter, though I’d avoid Bourbon Street. The ghost tours are a lot of fun. I did one of the french quarter and one of the Garden District. Both worth it.

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