OK. Pacific Rim.

I understand that there are people out there who do not want to see giant robots hit giant monsters, and I do not want to criticize your tastes in cinema. But if you ARE one of those people and you have not yet seen Pacific Rim then I have to wonder at your priorities. For the love of God GO.

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  1. Spectraman, Ultraman, Gatchaman… Great legacy, even if the dubs were very dumb and greenie.
    So, how was Pacific Rim?

      1. The main problem that critics seem to have with it, is that members of the elite military unit aren’t dysfunctional, and they respect the chain of command. They have their distinct personalities, hang-ups, and histories. Some of them don’t like each other. But when it’s time to go to war, they fall in and pull together. It’s pretty amazing how offensive some of the critics seem to find this. (OTOH, the crytobiologist and theoretical mathematician were fun, campy, and unbound by military discipline. The critics hated them too.)
        The other complaints are that it’s big and loud. (Duh.) And that it didn’t wallow in naval-gazing when exploring the history of the characters. It showed the important bits, and got on with the story.
        It’s giant monsters fighting giant robots!
        In an epic story of a few brave souls linking arms and standing together against the end of the world!
        There were darned few plot holes. Beautiful cinematography. Great pacing. Del Toro did a flat-out wonderful job. There’s no way he gets Best Director, but he earned it.

    1. Great movie.
      The two caveats there are a) I like Super Robot Wars, so I am very good about crushing my issues about bearing strength, ground pressure, and so forth* b) I don’t watch all that many hollywood movies, especially not in theaters.
      If you are fatally allergic to Obama, there is a short bit of nothing at the start of the movie. That said, currently I’m thinking that bit won’t age too badly.
      Most of what else comes to mind I said last thread here. I’m still avoiding handing out spoilers. There is a thread on the UF forum that loves it, saying it is very much that fanfic group’s sort of movie. For me, it hits some Lovecraft/Eva fanfic buttons, and I like that. (Canon Lovecraft and Eva seem to be far too depressing for me, I love more positive treatments.)
      Will watch again if I don’t unexpectedly die first. Anyway, I guess I’m too incoherent and raving to give a useful answer.
      There is apparently a new Gatchaman.
      *The dancers in Swan Lake are humans in funny clothes, not Swans. That is an abstraction used to convey some essential truth. For super robots, often the core truth is emotions, and the importance that the will to battle and will to victory have. If you won’t fight, and won’t continue fighting in the face of defeat, you will not win.


    It was the first movie I’ve seen in Imax 3D and it was fantastic. It wasn’t a film, it was a movie. And so it wasn’t ‘dark’ and ‘brooding.’ It was a real call-back to movies of the 50’s and 60’s in tone as well as content, unlike the crappy Godzilla remake.

    My 13 yr old son loved it as well.

  3. I’ll dissent here a bit.

    It was good, but not spectacular.

    PacRim really needed to be about 20 minutes shorter as it did drag, and my other complaint is spoilery, so I’ll skip the specifics, but “Boba Fett” might be a clue.

    I’d still recommend it as it was pretty enjoyable, but I wouldn’t recommend it with the same vigor as others do.

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