Isn’t this just how it goes? Try to go to sleep early…

…while on vacation, because you’re tired after wrangling kids all day and across three states; and then someone discovers a giant, long-abandoned inverted pentacle in Kazakhstan*. This ALWAYS happens to me…

Via… Hot Air Headlines, apparently.

Moe Lane

PS Going to bed now.

*It is a pentacle, not a pentagram. Circle, not pentagon. God, but NBC needs some fact-checkers.

3 thoughts on “Isn’t this just how it goes? Try to go to sleep early…”

  1. Geez, you could summon something…really big with that…
    Let’s hope that there’s no mind-bending architecture featuring tentacles nearby…

  2. Has there been news from Kazakhstan lately? We should send in one guy to find out. Of course he’ll only be armed with a .45 and limited ammunition, but he may be able to pick up better weapons and armor as he gets closer to this thing.

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