Something my wife pointed out to me about firing federal employees…

…it’s really hard to do because if it was easy to do it’d be an unending bureaucratic mass purge. Which many reading this might consider to be a feature, not a bug, but imagine how the Left would enjoy screwing the next GOP administration, using this technique.

7 thoughts on “Something my wife pointed out to me about firing federal employees…”

  1. Yes, but when did ‘due process’ become part of the firing process? Having a job, even within the federal government, shouldn’t be a right.

  2. ‘S why i want a maximum time in government. Can vary by position, but some cycling out of the deadwood is a feature, and it can be done in a bipartisan way.

  3. On balance, I’d say the spoils system did less damage than the current monstrosity.
    Sure, there was massive amounts of incompetence and graft (which is different from now, how exactly?). But both parties had an interest in keeping the bureaucracy from becoming Leviathan. Patronage only works one direction.
    Looking at the current staffing of the IRS or EPA, it would be hard to argue that the alternative would be less hostile to conservatives. The assumptions of the Left, from the Precautionary Principle, to the Fatal Conceit are those upon witch the federal agencies operate.

  4. Having worked at a Gov’t Contract facility before (, that’s garbage.

    Sure, perhaps there should be some structure in political arenas and some pretty strong statutes about termination not tied to performance or budget cuts, but it’s pretty friggin’ ridiculous what it takes to get fired when you’re on the gov’t dole.


    1. …Hopefully, that’s what the Left will say if and when they ever try to get my wife fired just for being married to a prominent conservative blogger. 🙂

      1. Facilities was a contracted outfit for us (contractor of a contractor for Uncle Sam). They had a guy letting his wife use his P-card as her personal CC. Slapped his hand and told him not to do it again. Did it again and his punishment was loss of the card AND everyone w/a Pcard had to retake the training. It’s a flippin’ felony to misappropriate gov’t funds and they had him red-handed with a pile of paper evidence.


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