The @ppppolls / @fivethirtyeight Colorado Recall Poll War.

OK, OK: ‘skirmish.’ Still, of all the joys that come from winning a tough race, there’s few entertainments that compare to watching folks from the losing side take out their frustrations on each other.

I’ll summarize the issue: PPP’s Tom Jensen buried a poll from last week that, if it had been published, would have maybe warned Colorado Democrats that they were going to get destroyed in the Angela Giron recall. Nate Silver – who relies heavily on PPP in his polling fortunetelling – got shirty about that. Hi-jinks ensued.

Our own Neil Stevens storified the exchange (and also wrote about why PPP’s action was a bigger deal than they care to admit). Storify after the fold, but let me note this: Nate Silver’s got a point. However, Silver may not be getting the larger point, which is that all the polling is like that. I understand that the guy has hit the target for two Presidential races running; but I don’t know how Silver’s going to react when he’s in Jensen’s position of having the numbers tell him that an absolutely vital election is not going the way that he likes. Because Jensen’s got a point, too when he notes that Silver can miss results that Silver doesn’t want to see.

Moe Lane

PS: What was that? Sorry, can’t hear your complaint over the sound of two gun-grabbing political careers going down in flames in Colorado.

PPS: Oh, did that bother some people? Here, then:

…What? It’s well known by now that the Online Left reflexively gives money to everybody that slaps them around. I want my cut, dagnabbit.

Neil’s Storify: