OK this is just kind of messed up. (BLUE HADES watch) #bluehades

Hard to explain why it’s messed up, to people who aren’t part of the Scene: the normals think that we’re all like this, anyway.

…it seems that a strange project that melds artistic vision, future-proofing the human race, and deep-sea exploration is about to once and for all find out whether Lovecraft really was somehow channelling a heretofore unexplored reality, or just a very troubled SF nerd before his time.

It’s called the Hornsleth Deep Storage Project, and it is genuinely, terrifyingly, strange and odd.

So here’s the plan in a nutshell – take the DNA from 5000 people from all over the world, stuff it onto a bizarrely geometric sculpture-cum-ark, and then drop the thing into the deepest part of the ocean, the Marianas Trench.

That’s human DNA, inside something awfully close to being terminally non-Euclidian, ELEVEN KILOMETERS down in the deep dark, where only eyeless things who can only dream of bones reside.

What could possibly go wrong…

But Steve Jackson Games is correct to have the Secret Masters disavow.  You sort of get the vibe from the site that while they’re not really expecting to wake up Cthulhu by dropping the offspring of the Elder and Yellow Signs on his head, the group might not entirely mind.  Put another way: I’m not actually serious about the Cosmic Wrongness suggested by this article, but there may be a little part of the HDSP that is.

Moe Lane

PS: They got the US Delegate to Guam to sign off on this?  Man, Democrats* can be weird sometimes.

*Come on, you gotta let me have that one.

7 thoughts on “OK this is just kind of messed up. (BLUE HADES watch) #bluehades”

  1. Side effects of medicinal marijuana and bath salts? I am hoping there are drugs involved, hate to think anyone that level of uh uh uh out there sober.

  2. When I saw this a couple days ago, I figured it *had* to be a hoax.
    It’s just too ridiculous to actually happen.
    Right? [I ask hopefully]

  3. Between this, the Russians drilling into Arctic Lakes story, and self-replicating nanobots being worked on; Voyager leaving the solar system, I feel like we are tempting fate a tad here.

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