CNN director confirms that Hillary Clinton is running in 2016.

It’s a bit subtle, to be sure.

CNN’s Hillary Clinton film scrapped as director blames lack of co-operation

Charles Ferguson says he was met with a wall of silence from more than a hundred people who refused to be interviewed

…and the director is bizarrely miffed at the GOP for not being thrilled with the idea of a Lefty director doing a Hillary campaign ad disguised as a documentary*.  I say ‘bizarrely’ because surely even Charles Ferguson knows that one’s reputation precedes oneself.  But, no, it’s mostly the stonewall from the soon-to-be Team Hillary.  Or Team Clinton; they probably haven’t polled that yet.


Moe Lane

*I imagine that it must have absolutely sucked to put out an antiwar movie called No End In Sight at the very moment that the surge was stabilizing Iraq – well, stabilizing the country at least until Barack Obama showed up and let the whole thing sink right back into the mudpit.  None of the plaudits for getting it right, all of the brickbats for being a known, stone-cold partisan shill (and not the good kind, either).