So, the Shedite* that preys on Republican candidate’s brains…

…and make them go out and insult roughly 80% of the party seems to have jumped from Jon Huntsman to Peter King.  And thank God for that: Huntsman was actually more or less all right, before he went nuts and started screaming about the political views of the half of the country that he presumably wanted to vote for him.

King, on the other hand, is… well.  I’m sure that he will have an exciting media career ahead of him.

Moe Lane

*Oh, sorry, my bad: I’m using technical jargon.  Imaginary type of demon that invades people’s minds and makes them do more and more awful things, then jumps to another host when things get too hot.  Classic Monster In My Head, in other words.  See also the roleplaying game In Nomine… no, not Fallen: well, yes, see Fallen, but if anything ripped off anything else it was the movie ripping off the game, not the other way around.

10 thoughts on “So, the Shedite* that preys on Republican candidate’s brains…”

  1. And don’t forget – King wants to run for president. Yeah, that’ll be real nice. #sarcasm

  2. Is it related to the one that dwells in the State Department?
    And yeah .. King’s been creeping closer and closer to the edge for a while .. guess he finally slipped over. Maybe he and Tancredo and some of the others can get up a poker tournament or something.


      1. As of 2010, Tancredo deserves any and all abuse he gets.
        You cannot be telling me Tancredo’s decision to sit on the sidelines, then jump in late and split the CO-GOP, knifing Maes in the back and opening the door to a Hickenlooper victory should get him kudos .. can you?

        1. Apparently Tancredo thinks it should, since he’s running (as a Republican) in 2014 against Chickenhooper.

          1. That will be interesting. Tancredo’s name is remembered, and not fondly, by Conservatives here in Colorado. If the Institutionals make him their candidate against Hickenlooper, this time openly under their own banner, Tancredo will have given the Democrats the governorship twice. Even for Colorado, that is a record for own goals. Having stabbed the TEA Party and all Conservatives here in the back, we have to assume that the Colorado Institutional Republican Party has made him their tame lapdog; and that he will be a typical “reach across the aisle” Republican if elected. Why bother?

            As much as I hate Hickenlooper, Tancredo is one of the few candidates that would make me vote 3rd Party for governor. It might be fitting to vote for the Constitution Party in that race, just to twist the knife in him a little.

            Subotai Bahadur

          2. @Subotai Bahadur. Outside of Colorado, Tancredo is viewed as a conservative ( for whatever reason)

  3. You know what if there is another angle here. What if Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have purposefully created a phony “civil war” in the GOP to distract the Dems from us making the ACA the issue of 2014 once again. What if King is doing this with their full knowledge knowing full well the Tea Party loves seeing Cruz and Lee take on RINOS?
    What if the GOP is actually run by a bunch of intelligent people?

    1. With all due respect, that is three levels of optimistic conjecture going in the face of all the available evidence. I personally wouldn’t bet money on that set of odds.

      Subotai Bahadur

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