The ‘Emergency’ “Help Feed Moe Lane’s Sudden Castle Addiction” Pledge Drive.

[UPDATE] The pledge drive is now CLOSED. I now have all five seasons and sufficient cash to buy the books.  Thank you all very much; I have the best readers in the world.

It is a grim time, my friends: I just ran out of Castle first season episodes.  Thanks to lingering funds, Castle second season episodes will arrive Wednesday, which will not be so bad; but after those are gone it may be a month before regular revenue streams refresh to the point where I might be able to view further Castle seasons.  To say nothing of the numerous actual books written by Richard Castle, which is a marketing ploy of such breathtaking mercenary audacity that I curse the fact that my local branch library is closed for renovations.

So… pledge drive.  I’ve Amazon Wish-Listed the remaining seasons; and of course there’s always the Tip Jar.


Remember: this pledge drive is a straightforward exercise where I encourage people to buy me luxury, mass-market entertainment items – or provide me with the funds to do so. There is no higher calling or message here, folks. It’s totally for frivolity.

We now return you to my newly-bleak, Castle-less existence.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “The ‘Emergency’ “Help Feed Moe Lane’s Sudden Castle Addiction” Pledge Drive.”

      1. Not spoiling anything. *grin* Just keep an eye out for various Whedonverse references, Firefly call-outs, ‘cons of varying types and of course, steampunk.

  1. Sorry, no can do. If I had a blog I’d be having a “help qix feed his food addiction” pledge drive… Naw, just kidding, it ain’t that bad–but wait ’til obamacare is fully implemented 😉

  2. Welcome aboard, Moe! It’s a good place to be. Let us know when you get to Episode 6.. No spoilers, just… let us know. 😉

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