Jonah Gol… God, @BarackObama is just a twerp, isn’t he?

After a while you almost get numb.


…Obama told CNBC’s John Harwood that Wall Street should be far more panicky about Republican efforts to use the debt ceiling to win concessions from the White House. I don’t blame Obama for being annoyed with Republicans for trying to use the debt ceiling the exact same way he did when he was a senator. But normally a sitting president doesn’t try to talk down the economy just to win a political point.

I know that many people on the Right continue to harbor a certain annoyance about George W Bush’s policies, and goodness knows, they have reason.  But I’d still really prefer to have him in office instead of this nightmare caricature that the Democrats chose as his successor.

4 thoughts on “Jonah Gol… God, @BarackObama is just a twerp, isn’t he?”

  1. Waaaaitaminit. Obama as a nightmare caricature of W? I .. have trouble seeing that. And I didn’t much agree with Bush.

        1. Holy crap yes, NRO really needs to deal with that. Breitbart is actually tolerable in comparison. Heck Politico is tolerable in comparison. The last couple of articles I read over at Politico had their forums taken over by conservatives. It’s like the commenters switched websites.
          Honestly NRO should hire you and Order66 as mods.

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