Automated bot on #obamacare Live Chat *almost* passes a Turing Test.

Jesus Christ on His Heavenly Throne: they have a bot handling Obamacare Live Chat inquiries. This must have caused John Dickerson physical pain:

[4:30:27 pm]: Welcome! You’re now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.
Thanks for contacting us. My name is PGSTX0534. To protect your privacy, please don’t provide any personal information, like [your] Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.

[4:30:51 pm]: PGSTX0534
Hello, how may I help you today?

[snip of ‘Alice*’ describing problem.]

[4:32:21 pm]: PGSTX0534
Thanks for your interest in the Health Insurance Marketplace. We have a lot of visitors trying to use our website right now. That is causing some glitches for some people trying to create accounts or log in. Keep trying, and thanks for your patience. We’ll continue working to improve the site so you can get covered[.]

[4:32:40 pm]: Alice
what does that mean?

[snip of Alice still treating this bot as if it was a human being.]

[4:33:55 pm]: Alice

[4:34:14 pm]: PGSTX0534
Thank you. One moment please while I look that up.

[4:36:19 pm]: PGSTX0534
The only way we can see your application is you will have to call The Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

[4:36:47 pm]: Alice
What does the Chat Service do then?

She received no response to her last question.

Well, duh.

Moe Lane

*I may have my issues with John Dickerson, but I gotta say: I saw what you did there, John.  Nicely played.

4 thoughts on “Automated bot on #obamacare Live Chat *almost* passes a Turing Test.”

  1. ROFL! Not sure what people were expecting here, but this is fairly typical of government under the Obama admin.

  2. Democrats, technically speaking, are human, too, so maybe the machine did pass the ‘Turing test’…

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