…I got nothing, sorry.

Occupational hazard of being so close to DC: when it whines, it whines.  Danged if I know what non-Obamacare, non-shutdown, non-debt ceiling stuff is transpiring.

So open thread, I guess.

5 thoughts on “…I got nothing, sorry.”

  1. Really starting to think the “let it burn” strategy wrt Obamacare is the right policy. No changes, no nothing. Let all the fools wallow in their stupidity and lap it up like it’s dog and antifreeze on the garage floor. Harsh, yes. However, WE tried to warn them.

    And when I say no changes I mean for at least this election cycle and maybe the next.


    1. If Obama didn’t feel it in his power to unilaterally suspend parts of the law, I could be down with that.

  2. It was a bad sports night last night in Atlanta. The Braves got knocked out of the baseball post-season, and the Falcons came back from 13 down in the 4th quarter in Monday Night Football only to lose on a field goal at the gun.

  3. So I finally convinced the dog that the local porcupines were a *bad* idea. Now if I can just convince him that the small black furred creature with the white stripe is not a cat to be chased I will consider my life to be truly blessed! Best part, he went and hid under my car instead of my wife’s after he got sprayed. I have to remind myself how much I love my dog as I hike to the end of the property to my car, heh.

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