The Nerf… Rebelle.

I gotta ask: is calling the line “Nerf Rebelle” really necessary to get girls to buy Nerf products?  – Which is a serious question, actually.


I don’t have daughters, you see.  If I had had daughters I assumed that I would simply buy them Nerf guns at the appropriate point and not particularly worry about gender advertising.  Was this an incorrect assumption? – I mean, obviously the optimal result here is to have the kid properly understand the glory and majesty that is a well-designed Nerf product. If that means pink-purple and Hunger Games meets My Little Pony references… ach, I’m not the target demographic anyway.

Moe Lane


2 thoughts on “The Nerf… Rebelle.”

  1. The daughters aren’t the issue. The mothers are. (Especially in this age of hoplophobia.) After all, kids don’t normally have much money of their own.
    It’s like the girlie Lego sets.
    The girls love them because they’re Legos. (Duh.)
    Moms are willing to buy these Lego sets for their daughters because they’re girlie. (And are very promptly horrified when the veterinarian office they carefully followed the plans for is immediately taken apart and used to build other things.)

  2. Been my experience that a girl wants a nerf gun shortly after her brother gets one. Getting hit in the head by one to many nerf darts tends to be the reason. Then it’s payback time and the nerf wars start. Followed shortly by some variant of the rule “Nerf guns stay outside the house”.

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