In which I spoiler the JFK mystery for everybody.


A REVIEW OF EDWARD JAY EPSTEIN’S The JFK ASSASSINATION DIARY: My Search For Answers to the Mystery of the Century.


Lee Harvey Oswald did it.

Moe Lane

PS: Remember, this is the federal government that we’re talking about.  The people who brought us Amtrak, the Susan B Anthony dollar, and Obamacare.

*I actually assume that Glenn Reynolds agrees with me.

3 thoughts on “In which I spoiler the JFK mystery for everybody.”

  1. You mean to argue that one of the most anti-communist Presidents we ever had was assassinated by an outspoken communist?
    One who had immigrated to the USSR, and who had a meeting with high-ranking KGB officials the week before?
    The deuce you say!
    Why, it takes stunning amounts of blindness to accept the the obvious conclusion. That’s clearly what *they* want you to think.
    After all, all right-thinking people clearly agree that the real cause was a “climate of hate” caused by Republicans obstructing LBJ’s initiatives. We know that those initiatives were near and dear to JFK’s heart. LBJ told us so! And if only he’d had a chance, he would have pushed them himself.

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