Fortunately, the Yuengling Brewery fire… CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! …wasn’t too bad.


The fire that caused an estimated $1 million damage to the Yuengling Brewery on Saturday night wasn’t as bad as it looked and will have no effect on the brewing operations or distribution, the plant manager said Sunday morning.

“The fire looked a lot worse than it really was,” said Jim Helmke, speaking from the scene.

Yuengling is my emergency beer. It’s the beer I drink when I’m at dinner and the menu is not allowing me to be a beer snob. That it might have been at risk… :shudder:


2 thoughts on “Fortunately, the Yuengling Brewery fire… CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! …wasn’t too bad.”

  1. The world dodged a bullet there, didn’t we?
    On a more serious note, let’s all be thankful that no one will lose their job or lives. It is unfortunate that the $1 Million will not go to job creation or equipment upgrades. I’m sure that they had insurance, but that means their rates will go up. Not that anyone is to blame for this fire. This would be a good case study on the “Broken Window” economic theory.
    I honestly didn’t know that was one of your favorite beers. I figured you are, as am I, a “But why burn the rum?” kind of guy.
    Also: Luke 12:19

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