They keep going after @mycancellation on Twitter…

…which tells me that the site is having an impact.

Background here and here: the short version is that it looks like the site – which reproduces Obamacare cancellation letters – may be subject to an organized fake Twitter spam report cabal*.  The good news is, Twitter will eventually resolve this by auto-circular filing the fake spam reports, not that they’ll admit to that; such a policy is the only way that they’re able to keep any political content on Twitter at all, frankly.

Moe Lane

*If I want to call it a cabal, I shall call it a cabal.  Neener.

3 thoughts on “They keep going after @mycancellation on Twitter…”

  1. Progressive blood suckers, you’re going to have to do your own dirty work now! You’ve managed to suspend the twitter account only temporarily, but like a poor sport, you can’t make it stick! LIBBBERALS!! LIBBBERALS!! liberals!!

    1. I quibble with the word respectable… I think competent is more appropriate here. Most cabals aren’t, but the ones we hear of gild the word a bit…

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