Another gun company predictably fleeing New York.

This is going around:

Nearly 10 months since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) signed the SAFE Act, opposition to the law continues to increase, three gun companies have announced plans to leave the state, and a key provision in the law has been quietly delayed.

American Tactical Imports is the third gun company to announce it would be leaving the state and will be investing $2.7 million in its new facility and creating 117 new jobs in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, a provision of the law requiring background checks on ammunition purchases has been delayed. Background checks were expected to be functional on Jan. 15.

…I suspect that the delay of the background checks is due to somebody sitting down with somebody else and saying how isn’t it a shame that there were unexpected roadblocks in implementation? …I SAID, Isn’t it a shame that there were unexpected roadblocks in implementation?  New York Democrats didn’t think this one through at all; gun owners buy ammo a heck of a lot more often than they do guns. A ‘background check’ that is no more hassle than, say, running your credit card through the reader at the supermarket might keep the reaction down to mere grumbling.  Anything more onerous than that will cause endless headaches – particularly if the background check system throws out false results.

The bottom line is, the system would need to work on the first try.  Perfectly. If it doesn’t, the screaming starts just in time for the 2014 elections. And it’ll easily dovetail with the screaming over Obamacare. Yeah, I know: you’re crying over that, too.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Oh, the NY state government would like advice?  Sure: “Here’s your ammo, Bob.  Now just put your scrawl here in the book… come on, Bob, you know nobody looks at the stupid thing. The guy who collects the book told me that they just throw the old books into a filing cabinet and shred them after six months… we go through this every week… well, I didn’t vote for them, either… thanks, Bob.  See you next week?”

3 thoughts on “Another gun company predictably fleeing New York.”

  1. Not to mention they’ll be utterly bewildered when the taxes from the ammo purchases they expected don’t come rolling in and totally clueless as to why. We are a mobile people and we think nothing about hopping in the car to drive a few miles to make a purchase an idiot state can’t interfere with. I used to drive 600 miles to see my girlfriend, who’s now my wife, on the weekends. As I said an Idiot state.

  2. First Boeing and now ATI….
    It is good to live in SC. Or TX. Or basically anywhere other than the Northeast, Far West, Rust Belt, or DC/MD/VA area.
    Sorry, Moe.

    1. Wonder if Boeing are regretting moving to Chicago yet…
      Wonder how long they have to keep a skeleton crew here to keep their tax incentives too …

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