Sean Eldridge (D-CAND) gets Frank Steinherr as a primary challenger in NY-19.

So nice to see an anointed candidate for the Other Side have to suddenly discover that there’s going to be a primary, after all:

Congressional hopeful Sean Eldridge may have to face an unexpected primary challenge from a fellow Democrat in New York’s 19th.

On Monday, Frank Steinherr, an attorney, sent an email to Democratic County Chairs pitching himself as “the right choice” to combat Republican incumbent Chris Gibson. Eldridge “brings big problems,” the young lawyer wrote. “His candidacy has been welcomed by Republicans almost as much as Eldridge’s own supporters!”

Dang.  They’re on to us.

As to whether it works… I don’t know.  I do know that Sean Eldridge swooped into a Congressional District that he thought he could buy; and that apparently Steinherr is “active in Greene County Democratic circles” (something that Politico forgot to check).  Obviously, Rep. Chris Gibson can beat either of them, particularly in a midterm.  But I’ll never say “No, thanks” when the Democrats offer to maybe have a bloody primary fight for me, free of charge…

Moe Lane

PS: If this primary fight does take off, it will be bloody. Lots of… subtext.

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