“True Colors.”

True Colors, Cyndi Lauper

Man, I don’t even know if my sixteen-year-old self would recognize this world.  The electronics alone casually tossed on my desk would make his head explode. And, no, he wouldn’t have been prepared by, say, Star Trek: The Next Generation.  That show wasn’t even out yet when I was sixteen.

3 thoughts on ““True Colors.””

  1. I can’t even remember my 16 year old self, too much has happened, too much is changed. At least you still have that touchstone. Be thankful for that.

  2. When I think of my self at sixteen, I go back to Bob Seger’s line ” I wish I didn’t know now what I don’t know then” from Against the Wind.

  3. My early 20s self would boggle if he knew that twenty years later he’d actually own several of those pinball machines that he’s currently dumping large numbers of quarters into.

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