Satellite to crash on Earth today!

This is how the zombie flick traditionally starts, you know.

A 2,000-pound European satellite has run out of fuel and is expected to plunge back to Earth sometime¬†between 1:30 PM EST and 7:00 PM, scientists with Europe’s Space Debris Office said¬†Sunday.

As of 9:30 A.M. EST it was over Greenland and racing toward Canada; it will pass over the Dakotas, Colorado and New Mexico shortly. Where precisely it will crash remains up in the air.

…And may they be forgiven for that pun.

Anyway, a dramatic reenactment of the event will be below the fold.



One thought on “Satellite to crash on Earth today!”

  1. Please. Our atmosphere eats 2,000-lb objects for breakfast every day. However a 2,000-ton object would be a different story.
    I bet you my weight in gold that we won’t even get a sonic boom out of this thing.

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