Venezuelan tyrant* confirms: new wave of confiscations, redistributions.

You would have to be out of your goram mind to run a load of refrigerators into Venezuela right now:

Via @instapundit. Seriously: the freaking things will just be seized and redistributed anyway. Better to sell in places that recognize the rule of law, not men.

Moe Lane

*I use ‘tyrant’ advisedly, and a little archaically. Perhaps ‘despot’ would be a better term… or even ‘king.’ I recognize that Maduro’s not rounding up people and shooting them en masse – yet – but neither is he respecting the rule of law.

7 thoughts on “Venezuelan tyrant* confirms: new wave of confiscations, redistributions.”

  1. Unless of course you have Maduro on the payroll but then such people tend to get a little greedy at some point so it’s a two edged sword.

  2. But think of the bright future small appliance and electronic repairmen will have in the future Utopia. All that looted stuff will have to be made to last as imports become a cash-in-advance business.

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