China rattling sabers in Japan’s direction, again.

Here we go again:

China established the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone on Saturday, and its defense ministry said it would take “defensive emergency measures” against unidentified aircraft that enter the zone.

A map and coordinates published Saturday showed the zone covers most of the East China Sea and includes a group of uninhabited islets whose ownership is disputed by China and Japan.

Situated in potentially energy-rich waters…

…and now you know why they care. Well, aside from the fact that the PRC doesn’t particularly like Japan; and to be fair, they have their reasons. Or, rather, the Chinese have their reasons: the PRC has no business commenting on anybody else’s oppression of the Chinese, given that the PRC so enthusiastically did horrible things to its own population for several decades.

But, really, it’s about energy development… no, maybe it is about leftover issues from the Twentieth Century… or maybe it’s about both of those things, with perhaps a healthy dollop of the actually unwarranted assumption that the United States is particularly planning to follow current administration foreign policy past, oh, January of 2017. Any which way, it’s a situation that bears watching.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “China rattling sabers in Japan’s direction, again.”

  1. I beg to differ.
    The PRC has no right to complain because they are Mao’s communists, were allies of the Soviet Union, and have been systemically lying about what they did in WWII.
    Per what I recall of Chung and Halliday’s Mao: The Unknown Story, Mao was effectively an ally of the IJA against the KMT.

  2. Have you ever noticed how the oligarchy’s of the world start their “rattling sabers” whenever they are in economic trouble? Just saying…

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