Ooh, there’s nothing like seeing a Blue-on-Blue war in California:

To avenge his defeat, former Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., has promised to put his financial means and political mettle toward ousting his successor.

Last November, Rep. Eric Swalwell upset the 20-term Democrat by a slim margin. Their race proved to be one of the state’s most bitter battles between two Democrats, thanks in part to California’s new primary system.

Basically, Pete Stark is old, and crazy, and possibly violent; and you could conceivably argue that the entire point of California’s jungle primary system was that it was specifically intended to get Stark out of office.  God knows he was Exhibit A.  But… being crazy, old, and possibly violent, and yet possessed of the resources and influence that kept him in office for four decades, Stark has decided to pick a likely candidate (State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett) and use her to beat Swalwell.  And by beat I may very well mean ‘use her as a physical club.’

Why?  Malice.  Malice, and revenge.  Because Eric Swalwell made it clear that Pete Stark was old, and crazy (I’m the one saying that he’s possibly violent), and that’s going to grate on Pete Stark’s soul for the rest of his life.

It should be grand fun.  Goodness knows that with this district Republicans will have to take their fun where they can take it…

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Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Pete Stark returns to FEAST ON REP. ERIC SWALWELL’S SOUL.”

  1. Heh, this is my district and you are right on every point Moe.
    Chances of getting a Republican elected here are between none and nil, but we were all glad to see Stark get booted.

  2. I saw his statement on the Iraq Resolution. Yep Crazy. The man also tried to reinstate the draft so we would not “If we’re going to have these escapades, we should not do it on the backs of poor people and minorities”
    Because apparently our military recruits volunteers predominately from “poor people and minorities” and the Draft would somehow fix that. Also note he called Iraq an “escapade” yep cray cray.

  3. Here’s some trivia, Stark first one election to Congress in 1972, he beat his Republican opponent 52-47. If only Nixon’s coattails had been bigger. We could’ve possibly been spared this moron.
    ( Nixon by the way only got 55% of the vote in CA despite it being his homestate)

  4. Though it should be noted that Stark’s district includes Alameda County, which hasn’t been carried by a Republican since Eisenhower. It was one of two counties to vote against Deukmijian in 86′

  5. This district is a remarkable piece of gerrymandering, mostly semi-affordable SiliValley bedroom community but goosenecked up the bay shoreline to pick up a chunk of West Oakland.

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