Tweet of the Day, Happy Cyber Monday! edition.

I suppose that this was going to be inevitable.


Speaking of Cyber Monday… feel free to use my Amazon Affiliate links.  Even if you’re a lurker! …Or, if you’re a lurker who doesn’t want to give me money, trust me: the person running your favorite Lefty site is probably desperate for extra revenue.  It ain’t easy out there for, oh, about 99% of left-leaning blogs.

Moe Lane

PS: For those wondering, it’s apparently this: Kid Galaxy Morphibians Killer Whale.  As per Constant Reader acat in comments.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Happy Cyber Monday! edition.”

    1. Or .. at least to snip off the ref= and following…

      Comes out as:

      Looks like a fun toy, especially if you happen to have access to a body of water in the dead of winter…

      (and please click on our hosts’ amazon link first before you put this in your cart and check out!)


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