Wind Farms: Bald Eagle Killers (God help us, there’s a video).

I don’t know where got this one. Of course, I also don’t know how they found Socialist Realism Bald Eagle for the main picture, but that’s just funny. This is alarming:

(It was also autoloading)

There were a lot of opportunities for Dark Humor in that video, but possibly the worst part was when the hapless zoo spokeswoman had to try to justify the whole thing in the name of scientific research. Madam, I believe that the hypothesis Eagles can as a species learn to get out of the way of rotating scythes of death has been definitively disproved at this point…

Moe Lane

PS: It’s not like the damned wind farms are particularly cost-effective, either. There’s a reason why they’re subsidized to a fare-thee-well.

5 thoughts on “Wind Farms: Bald Eagle Killers (God help us, there’s a video).”

  1. Is it too much to hope that a species of burrowing rodent that normally suffers from eagle predation discovers that wind farms are eagle-free zones?
    And then that said burrowing rodents reproduce in numbers sufficient to destabilize wind towers? Or alternately, discover that electrical insulation is delicious?
    I find myself wishing evolution would hurry up a bit here.

  2. Two frigging generations, that is what’s taken for the environmentalists to go from saving the Bald Eagle to slaughtering the Bald Eagle. The rats aren’t going to show up in time to save us maybe we need elephants.

  3. The belief that the eagles will “learn” to avoid the turbine blades belies the fact that the surface speed of the blades at their tips can reach speeds of up to 170 miles per hour. Yes the actual RPM of the blades is slow but that has nothing to do with surface speed. The greater the distance from the axis, the faster the surface speed.

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