Quote of the Day, It’s Tough Out There For An #Obamacare Booster edition.

It’s rare that I have anything like sympathy for Obamacare supporters, but Mary Katharine Ham raises a good point:

It is rare that the White House press corps asks exactly what I want it to ask, but today’s display, with a few notable exceptions, was truly irresponsible. Not only would critics of Obamacare like to know how Obama proposes to fix it, but I’m sure the law’s liberal champions would appreciate some more information and assurances as well.

…Mind you, I’m allowing myself said sympathy largely because I’m pretty sure that that the knowledge that I’m feeling it would burn the more rabid Obamacare supporters. It would burn them like hygiene.

Still, I can’t imagine that the Left is appreciating the mushroom treatment. I would have rebelled over this years ago.

Moe Lane