So, my colleague/friend @ewerickson is about to guest-host Rush Limbaugh…

…you can find a local station that broadcasts online here.  He’ll be on from noon to three PM, and hey: it got me to listen*, so there you go. Check it out.

Break a leg, Erick.

Moe Lane

*I just don’t read partisan political books or listen to conservative talk radio.  I got nothing against either, but I’ve never felt the need to do so.

One thought on “So, my colleague/friend @ewerickson is about to guest-host Rush Limbaugh…”

  1. EE has finally hit the big time. 🙂

    I still listen every now and then. Rush is too good to give up completely, but I don’t listen on a regular basis anymore because I get my right side political news from other sourced these days. Levin is good for righteous indignation and legal analysis, but I can only take him for so long. Love him, but small doses. small doses. Hanity is, sadly, over produced and if I’ve already listened to Limbaugh, what’s the point of listening to Hanity? I went to college in Milwaukee, so I do indulge in a Mark Belling habit from time to time. He makes a point to cover topics that Limbaugh hasn’t so the show is fresh, and I still have affection for WI and IL so it’s nice to hear news from “home”.

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