T-minus 12 hours to the Draconic outbreak in Seattle, Washington.

Constant Reader BigGator5 tweets a reminder about this story:

Deep beneath Seattle, something has brought the world’s biggest tunnel boring machine to an abrupt halt. The tunnel is currently just 1,000 feet but planned to be almost 10,000 feet long.

“We’re being really cautious. We want to make sure we don’t damage this $80 million machine,” said Washington State Department of Transportation’s KaDeena Yerkan.

…while noting that this is how horror SF movies start. I heartily concur; and would also like to note that ‘KaDeena Yerkan’ is an anagram of ‘A Yankee Drakken,’ which should give us all a clue about the draconic menace under Seattle… hmm.  Seattle.  Dragons.  Hey, does this feel Shadowrun-y to anybody else?

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