Fast food fanatic binges at chain for one full year.

I’m not exactly sure why

A Starbucks super fan ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the coffee chain every day for a whole year as part of a challenge.

Mother-of-two Beautiful Existence splashed out close to $700 (£423) a month dining at the chain every day of 2013.

PhD student Beautiful Existence, of Seattle, Washington, set herself the 365-day challenge at the turn of the year and has documented her daily intake online, which shows her gorging on a variety of treats.

…given that she herself apparently is getting tired of the menu. Just something to do, I gather.

(Via Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, this post is mostly up to snicker at Starbucks by calling it ‘fast food.’ To be fair, I can make an excellent case for the designation: Starbucks doesn’t have waiter service, it has a few franchises, there are common menu items for every location and the company does a lot of triple-net leasing of its locations. Also: the coffee generally sucks.

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  1. There are now Starbucks at Disney World. They are classified as “quick service” for purposes of the parks’ dining plans.
    The “quick service” label means “fast food”. So the Disney Company agrees with you — Starbucks is fast food.

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