This is how the attack ads this cycle are going to go. #oregon #obamacare

Get used to it. Shoot, even grin a little: because the Democrats can’t particularly respond in kind.

This particular ad is from Dr. Monica Wehby (pediatric neurosurgeon), who is one of the candidates in the Republican Oregon Senatorial primary. As you can see, it is a hardline critique of sitting Democrat Jeff Merkley, using… Senator Merkley’s own words.  This is going to happen a lot this cycle: far too many* sitting Democrats made the mistake of mechanically parroting Barack Obama’s inane sound bite about how if you liked your plan or doctor, you could keep them. Worse, those Democrats said that within range of recording devices.

Dr. Wehby’s (and every other Republican’s, most likely) response? “Keep your doctor.  Change your Senator.”We will be saying this everywhere. Including places that, perhaps, might not have normally been seen as fertile soil for our efforts**.

Moe Lane

PS: This ad came out right on time for have shown up just before Senator Merkley had to show up to a bunch of town halls to explain why Obamacare – and Cover Oregon, the state exchange – is a smoking crater in the ground. The conversations at those today must have been memorable

*Well.  ‘Far too many’ if you’re a Democrat.

**You know.  Like Wisconsin.

One thought on “This is how the attack ads this cycle are going to go. #oregon #obamacare”

  1. I hope Wehby has some of her own money to spend, because she’ll get very little from the National Party.
    In other news. State Senator Jeff McWaters (R-Virginia Beach) who is personally very wealthy, has shut the door on any Senate run against Mark Warner, and pre-emptively endorsed Ed Gillespie. Looks like Ed is running.

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