Hey, stupid question: would anybody actually care…

…if I did a Top Ten Mods for Skyrim post? I was considering doing one, but the game has been out for over two years and while the modding community for it is still going strong I don’t know whether enough of my own readers would be interested.

8 thoughts on “Hey, stupid question: would anybody actually care…”

  1. I haven’t played Skyrim but I have friends who do and would be interested and occasionally stop in here. So I’d pass it along for them to stop by.

  2. Pleeeeez. I finally quit Skyrim because I was terminally bored with it, and went on to bigger and better things (including New Vegas, which was greatly aided by being taken out of Bethesda’s clutches). So anything that might make Skyrim even the least bit tempting is welcome.

  3. I just got Skryim for the PC during the Steam Christmastide sale (I still have it for 360 somewhere; I just haven’t turned that machine on in about 6 months).

    I need more mod suggestions. Fill my gaping mod addiction with some more goodies. MORE!

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