You know, not to noodge Harebrained Schemes or anything…

…but it is January 2014, so we’d all like to hear when Shadowrun: Dragonfall is actually coming out.  Well, those of us who bought the core game and liked it would like to hear, at least.  I suppose that the rest of my readers don’t really much care.

Still.  Any time now.

Any time now…

Moe Lane

PS: Still trying to decide whether to pick up Shadowrun Fifth Edition, actually. I’m running out of shelf space again…

2 thoughts on “You know, not to noodge Harebrained Schemes or anything…”

  1. …which is why I’ve been buying the cool games that I want, but know I’ve not going to get to run anytime soon, in digital format.

  2. I got 5th edition for Christmas. And I have to admit, I’m geeked by it. Not that they’ve made it any less complex, I mean it is still Cyberpunk+Urban Fantasy in 1 game, so it’ll never be Rules Light. But it doesn’t seem unnecessarily complicated.

    And the artwork and fluff stories are well done. Lots of RPG core rulebooks are painful to read. I haven’t felt that way with Shadowrun at all.

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