Ooh, I just got reminded: that retiring Rep. George Miller guy? Card-check ‘fanatic.’

‘Fanatic’ in scare quotes because the guy was all hat, no cattle.  Take a look at this clip from 2009:

Amusingly, George Miller couldn’t be bothered to get card check passed when his party had super-majorities in the House and Senate*.  Why?  Because then George Miller couldn’t fund-raise off of card check, of course.

I don’t know how to put this – no, wait, I do: the union leadership sold out their workers to the Democrats, and then they sent over George Miller to tell them that everything was hunky-dory.  And now the Democrats want the unions to feel bad because Miller is retiring. They should be jumping for joy, instead. He never did them no favors.

Moe Lane

*The Democrats spent that political capital on Obamacare, you see.  Which, of course, ended up threatening to hurt the labor movement’s health care coverage plans in new and profound ways.