Terry McAuliffe allegedly sold ABC board seat to ‘Republican’ Boyd Marcus.

Before we go any further, though… the Washington Post may tell us the details: they may not display any moral indignation. The Washington Post endorsed that corrupt suckweasel Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia: the below is exactly the sort of thing that we all expected McAuliffe to do.  Anybody who thought otherwise is a natural-born d*mned fool.

Moving along: here is the timeline.

  • Boyd Marcus, Virginia Republican consultant, emails Ken Cuccinelli campaign, looking for a fat consulting fee (up to $100K). The Cuccinelli campaign says no.
  • Boyd turns around and publicly supports Terry McAuliffe.
  • McAuliffe pays Boyd about $40K in consulting fees.

Wait! It gets better! Or worse.

  • Terry McAuliffe wins the Virginia gubernatorial election.
  • McAuliffe appoints Boyd to Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) board.

You see, in Virginia the ABC maintains a set of VERY profitable liquor stores for the Virginia state government; the board memberships are considered plum political positions, given that board members get paid $130K a year to sit around and make sure that people keep buying booze.  Naturally, McAuliffe had the two sitting members tossed out* so that he could start out his administration by passing out the largess; also naturally, the Virginia GOP is infuriated that McAuliffe rewarded Marcus for selling out the Virginia GOP – and, oh, yeah, Ken Cuccinelli**.

OK, maybe I’m still a little unhappy about the way that the state party mucked up its own gubernatorial election. But, my petulant partisan peevishness aside: this is what we can expect for the next four years. Terry McAuliffe lacks that little voice inside most people’s heads that says Is that such a good idea? when it comes to shenanigans. I mention this largely as a warning to the Virginia GOP: you can’t count on this guy to act in enlightened self-interest.  If McAuliffe could think in such terms, he would have found another way to pension off Boyd Marcus for services rendered.

The VA GOP should keep that in mind when Terry McAuliffe offers them a deal on anything.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: As somebody in Norman’s Twitter feed mentioned: it would have been great if the Cuccinelli campaign had mentioned this BEFORE the election.

*Shed no tears, folks.

**Seriously: shed no tears, folks.

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