And just *how* bad are @BarackObama’s latest bundler-ambassadors?

Put it this way: John McCain was kicking their rumper.

John Freaking McCain.

(Via Hot Air)  You have to watch the whole video: it’s the only way that the level of scorn in McCain’s closing remarks (“I have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees.”) can be properly appreciated. “Bit of sarcasm,” my eye: that tone was at New Jersey-levels of snark, and I do not give that kind of accolade lightly. Particularly when I don’t particularly like the guy making the comment.

Then again, John McCain was definitely provoked, there. The guy on the griddle (George Tsunis, million dollar Obama bundler) somehow missed the fact that Norway has a king and that the Progress Party (anti-immigration party) was actually part of the coalition government.  Which is why Senator McCain set Tsunis up to attack the PP as fringe, no doubt: and, again, you have to be pretty bad at things to fall for a trap set by John McCain.  The man’s pushing 80, for crying out loud…

Moe Lane

PS: “Rumper” is Norwegian for… um, I think that I can get away with “buttocks.”  I mention this because the chance that we’re actually going to send somebody to Norway who speaks Norwegian… oh, my.  Even the thought of that makes me chuckle at my own naivete.

PPS: Yahoo News doesn’t want to bring up the minor detail that Barack Obama promised not to reward top campaign contributors with ambassadorships, but he in point of fact did so promise – and Obama is apparently the worst offender in that regard in American history.  I am not even remotely surprised that he did so – and I am not outrageously outraged by the practice – but then, I never was so stupid as to believe the man when Obama told me that he was different from all those other politicians out there.

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  1. Differences only of degree. I wonder if McCain will decide to embrace his inner Bullworth .. he missed his shot at the top chair, after all, and has nothing to look forward to but retirement .. and just what a McCainworth would look like.

  2. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but Mr. Tsunis is indeed highly qualified. Following the most excellent links reveal that his wife is named “Olga”.

    So THERE.

  3. Norway is a country in which an immigrant group comprising less than 5% of the population is responsible for almost 100% of all rapes. I will not be a hateful extremist and identify which group is waging this actual #WaronWomen.

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