Democratic Detroit City Council President’s security squad pushes around reporter. On tape.


Two Detroit police officers shoved aside a TV reporter with Fox/WJBK Channel 2 who was trying to interview a city councilman on Tuesday night.

M.L. Elrick was attempting to speak with City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. before a community meeting at a local church when the cops on the city security detail intervened and pushed the reporter against the wall.

Democrat, of course (if he was a Republican, it’d have been mentioned in the title): the article goes on to mention that the “reporter apparently was trying to interview Cushingberry about a controversial traffic stop earlier this month in which he may have gotten preferential treatment from the police,” which is another way of saying that the cops “let Cushingberry off with a traffic violation though he had an a cup of alcohol in his car and a smoked marijuana joint on the car console.”


Twenty years ago, I would have been impressed. Even today there’s a minor thread of recognition that this man has chutzpah.  Mind you, I still don’t want him operating heavy machinery when stoned…

6 thoughts on “Democratic Detroit City Council President’s security squad pushes around reporter. On tape.”

  1. I know I’ll get blasted for this, but, what the heck:
    I have no respect for “reporters” in the Age of Obama. I think if the mainstream news reported straight facts 10% of the time, the country would be on a much better trajectory. When I hear about reporters getting treated with utter contempt, I nod my head in agreement.
    There. I said it.

  2. Cushingberry has been having all kinds of problems right out of the gate, but then that happens when your a crooked lawyer who graduates to crooked politician. And Detroit has a by the book Chief of Police now so it looks like the sergeant at the traffic stop and the two cops from roughing up the reporter will be losing their jobs.

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