Allow me to shock you all with my Super Bowl confession.

I’m not going to watch it.

Moe Lane

PS: I might watch some of it, if I had cable.  But I don’t, and I got a kid and a wife with the same cold that I just powered through, and neither team is the Giants, so… nope.  Sorry?

7 thoughts on “Allow me to shock you all with my Super Bowl confession.”

  1. Bears aren’t in it. I’ll get updates from my friends in Denver and Seattle, but I’ll be fixing the drywall in the basement instead.

  2. Thanks for the football post! I was thinking of suggesting this thread.
    I’m rooting for the Seahawks. I root for the NFC no matter what. My Buccaneers are in the NFC South, so I root to help them out.
    Go Hawks!

    1. Thanks!
      Hometown team, blah blah blah, still a bit of a fairweather fan (liked the Jaguars for a while, how’d that work out?), but hey – I got a reason to care at least.
      I’ll be going to bed early, gotta get up at 0430 for an LCU ride to the IWO JIMA.

    1. I disagree with that.
      I skipped watching one Superbowl because I couldn’t stand either of the east-coast teams playing in it. (One of whom was the Giants.)
      My wife took entirely the wrong lesson from that, and spent the next few years convinced that watching the Superbowl (and, by extension, all other football games, since they’re not as big a deal) was optional. If she just took the right tack or pressured enough, she could get me to do something “fun” instead–like scrapbooking* or antiquing**.
      * the boring version of hell.
      ** useful old things got used and wore out. Which means the crap in antique stores is useless.

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