Liberals desperately trying to maintain political financing monopoly.

Man, there are people out there who really do hate not having a hammerlock on the spigots anymore.

Some big Democratic donors have a message for Congress: Don’t rely so much on the rich to fill your campaign war chests.

A group of 60 wealthy donors and activists have signed onto a new letter urging Congress to create a system of public financing that would curtail their own influence in elections, according to a copy of the letter being sent to the Hill on Friday.

Some average Americans have a message for big Democratic donors: take your hatred of free speech, fold it until it is all corners, and… well, I try to maintain a family website, here. Besides, I’m sure that the aforementioned donors can extrapolate from there anyway.

Via Hot Air: Ed is sneering precisely as much as I did about this, with a couple of digs at Barack Obama for the way he cynically broke his promise on public financing, back in 2008.  I will admit, I can’t muster quite the same irritation over that as I used to; I have grown to accept the fact that Barack Obama lies when it suits him, and that the Democratic party leadership cadre simply will never have the guts to call him out on it. :shrug: Which is why the American people brought back divided government in 2010, and are currently showing no signs whatsoever of changing their mind on that particular topic…

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2 thoughts on “Liberals desperately trying to maintain political financing monopoly.”

  1. I saw some twit on Insty’s page saying the Tea Partiers should be in favor of campaign finance reform. Because, clearly, we should favor giving more power over political discourse to the major networks and newspapers!

    1. Actually I’m absolutely in favor of campaign finance reform – the unconstitutional limits on free speech should be repealed at once.

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