Heads up: San Diego mayoral election Tuesday.

Replacing the disgraced Democrat Bob Filner. The race is apparently close, with Republican Kevin Faulconer having a very decent shot:

…Faulconer has a far broader base of support and funding than Alvarez. He certainly has the support of the San Diego business community and related interests, but only about one-third of the contributions raised by committees supporting Faulconer has come from out-of-town sources.

Faulconer has also made a concerted effort to reach out beyond traditional Republican constituencies. The effort has paid off with endorsements that span the political spectrum: the San Diego Police Officers Association, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Latino American Political Association, pastors representing largely African-American churches, a group of bicycle enthusiasts, advocates for the homeless, including the revered Father Joe Carroll, a collection of Democrats, including the granddaughter of iconic farm labor leader Cesar Chavez, a group of women leaders, including Jacque Young, the wife of former Council President Tony Young, a Democrat, and former City Attorney Mike Aguirre, also a Democrat.

San Diego usually puts Republicans in charge: Bob Filner was a historical aberration. …He was also the first Democrat to be elected mayor in San Diego in something like twenty-five years.

Sorry about that.  Anyway, right now Faulconer is effectively tied with his opponent (up by one in the latest poll), so if you happen to live in San Diego and are a Republican please go vote on Tuesday.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Heads up: San Diego mayoral election Tuesday.”

  1. Mayor of San Diego can be a stepping stone to the Governor’s office. Pete Wilson, who was mayor when I lived in “Dago”, went on to become Senator, then a two term Governor of California.

    1. CA was different back then. The last two GOP mayors of “Dago” did absolutely jack for the party.

  2. Did you know that California has no Voter ID laws? I am not implying anything. Just stating a fact.
    On slightly related note, I have always wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo. I hear it’s nice this time of year.

  3. DeMaio lost to Filner because the “moderate” Republican, State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher threw a tantrum switched to Independent and when failing to make the runoff endorsed Filner.
    Fletcher ran again this year, as a Democrat, but lost in the 2013 November Primary.
    He was endorsed by Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris ( I can’t see how they’d help him in Southern Cal as they are predominately Northern CA politicians)
    The irony is DeMaio is himself a moderate ( openly gay, pro-choice) and NYTs David Brooks bemoaned the SD GOP picking the “Orthodox Conservative” over the “moderate” Fletcher.

  4. I’d don’t think I’ve fast-forwarded through (or watched, back when I didn’t have a DVR) as many ads for the mayor’s race since I moved out here in ’01. Of course, as of last year I no longer live in the city proper …

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