There is *one* class of people whose access to guns I’d control.

Democratic gun-grabbers (including their staff). They just won’t take firearm possession seriously:

The Cuomo administration has obtained a waiver to allow the head of the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to carry a handgun at work.

The required sign-off from a law barring state employees from packing a weapon at their workplace came from the state Office of General Services four days after the Times Union published a story about DHSES Commissioner Jerome M. Hauer using his handgun’s laser sighting attachment as a pointer in a meeting with a Swedish delegation.

The Daily Caller goes on to note:

Officials at the meeting said “that three Swedish emergency managers in the delegation were rattled when the gun’s laser tracked across one of their heads before Hauer found the map of New York, at which he wanted to point,” according to the Times Union.

…Hauer denies that, but not that he was carrying a gun, and that he was using the sight as a laser pointer (he only pointed it at the ‘wall.’  Hauer also claims that he had verbal authorization to carry the gun, which is nice… and not a legitimate defense under NY state law.  Hence, the sudden waiver: because when guns are outlawed, only outlaws – and incompetent New York state officials – will have guns.

Moe Lane

PS: Please do not use your gun as a laser pointer.  Even if it is unloaded.  And I do not believe that I had to write that sentence out.

10 thoughts on “There is *one* class of people whose access to guns I’d control.”

  1. I assume this is a normal non-bulletproof wall. I would be interesting to note who’s office is on the other side of that wall and just how often Mr. Hauer uses the laser pointer feature on his gun to point at things on said wall.

    I totally believe you had to write that sentence….

  3. Having grown up with and been around guns all my life, my friends and I would have waited calmly until dumb@** holstered his gun, then slapped him on the head and invited him to leave the premises immediately, never to return unless he was without any weapon whatsoever, jack knife and fingernail clippers included.

    What a complete and utter idiot this guy is.

  4. We had a choice, post-WWII, when most males of adult age had some form of firearms training… we could choose to pass on that training, or we could choose to demonize and fetishize the tool and ensure that idiots like this one are *not* given a “corrective talk” by someone with proper training like Jack_Savage above.
    We chose poorly.

  5. Some people will only learn if you hurt them bad enough, learned that about some people a long time ago. The person in question is one of those people. And just for lurkers it has nothing to do with race, sex, age or whatever differentiator your using this week; some people are just born dumber than a bag of rocks.

    1. And some get that way because nobody sat down with them and explained the realities of toxicology and pharmacology to them.

  6. Well, I can sorta understand the safety argument.
    But that sounds like attaching a political test to a civil right.
    That seems more of a danger than all the naturally occurring fools in the world with sharp objects.
    If there are too many fools for your taste, it would be much safer to go after the artificial multipliers of stupidity, like drugs, before even thinking about touching arms.

  7. That’s why they want to grab your guns: Because they think everyone is as unserious about it as they are.

    Actually, since they’re liberals, they think they’re more serious than average. Certainly more than YOU.

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