Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.

This is just sad.

You see, if you click on the “” link seen on the podium sign you get… redirected to Tom Cotton’s campaign website.  His actual, real campaign website.  This pretty much means that Senator Mark Pryor is giving his opponent free advertising, and in a way that makes Sen. Pryor look like a clueless goofball.  This is so incredibly inept that I actually thought that it might have been a Photoshop… but no.  No, it was not.


I got nothing, folks.  Sorry.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

4 thoughts on “Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.”

  1. If I was a Senator I’d be trolling Pryor pretty hard right now. Every time I’d pass him I’d say “So it was nice working with you” or “What are you going to do after all *this* is over?” stuff like that continually reinforcing the fact that he won’t be a Senator when the 114th Congress is seated.

    1. Hey, how about using some of the pranks that Dick Tuck pulled? He was a lot nastier than this!

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