*Possibly* good news coming out of #ukraine.

If true, at least.

At last observation, Venezuela is still spiraling out into the Deep Black.

Caracas (AFP) – Opponents of Venezuela’s leftist government prepared for a mass protest rally in Caracas Saturday, one day after President Nicolas Maduro issued a surprise call for talks with the United States.

 At least nine people have been killed, 104 injured and 137 arrested in weeks of street demonstrations that begin peacefully and often turn violent, according to government figures.

So keep watching the skies.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

4 thoughts on “*Possibly* good news coming out of #ukraine.”

  1. The Ukrainian President has disappeared. I honestly thought he put up more of a fight. I am happy he didn’t, but here I thought Russian Puppets were made of stronger stuff.

      1. You’re harshing my mellow. I want to believe!
        (Granted, I think you’re right. I just wish you weren’t.)

        1. Say what you like about Putin, he knows what he wants and has the stones to go for it. IDK how this will all shake out. What’s that Russian expression: “Not my circus, not my monkey”? Something like that. I wish the Ukrainians well, but they are far away, and we have John Freaking Kerry as SecState, and who knows who’s wearing the pants in the oval office.

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