3 thoughts on ““Rio.””

  1. Thanks to Santa singing this in one of the South Park Christmas shows (the one where they were singing Christmas carols), I always think of this song as a Christmas song.

  2. Been to Rio a couple of times when I was in the Navy (around the world cruise to bring Enterprise to East coast for refuel and S Amer cruise to bring Abe Lincoln to West coast). Absolutely wonderful. My favorite memory was while my squadron mates hung out at the hotel with hangovers, I went and spent the whole morning at a sidewalk table at “The American Cafe”, reading the NYT. We all ate at a Brazilian style restaurant, where the waiters bring you endless courses of food until you cry for mercy. Terrific time. Flew low levels over Argentina and had mock fights with Chilean Mirage F50s (yes, we were told to let them win). My youth was not wasted.

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