Dagnabbit. I had an AWESOME @AlanGrayson slam…

…all set to go: but then I remembered that people who are amiable, middle aged, and frankly stout should not make sardonic commentary about people who are also middle aged and stout (replace ‘amiable’ with ‘filled with a seething, soul-corrupting rage’ in Alan Grayson’s case, of course).

So I’ll just note that Mrs. Grayson is now alleging adultery on her husband’s part, and avoid discussing, ah, probabilities.



Moe Lane

PS: I would feel better about Alan Grayson getting his mojo back – thus giving me access to some material that I really did love to work with – except that Grayson apparently regains his mojo by slapping women around. Takes all of the fun out of it, really.

5 thoughts on “Dagnabbit. I had an AWESOME @AlanGrayson slam…”

  1. What’s especially interesting about all this is that his fellow Dems and the press (BIRM) aren’t even *trying* to defend him.

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